LUSSO mattress

Lusso believes in being transparent, providing a high-quality mattress and doing it at a competitive price.  It is proudly made right here in the USA.

With Lusso’s individually wrapped coils and reinforced edge at its core, coupled with contouring gel memory foam and soft-support top layer, you sleep on an incredibly relaxing blend of support and comfort.

Our top responsive layer is an open cell foam to disburse heat and cushion without sinking.  We use a full 4lb gel memory foam not the usual 2.5lb to provide conforming support where your back and hips need it most.  These layers work in conjunction with our individual coil system allowing one or two people the sleep surface they need to restore after a long day.

Our mattress feels soft, comfortable and supportive and is built to minimize motion transfer.  Our lush cover has just the right amount of stretch to allow you to feel the the layers of your mattress working together providing you an ideal night’s sleep.