The perfect pillow 

hypoallergenic, supportive, cool and comfortable!


Our latex pillow provides excellent support and cushioning, they are durable, breathable and even antimicrobial resistant to dust mites and mildew. 



Made from the same eco-friendly material as our mattress. Anti microbial, breathable and soothing to the touch, whisking moisture away, eliminating tossing and turning the pillow throughout the night. 




100% all natural Talalay latex core free from synthetic additives










Product Specifications 

Measurements & dimensions

Standard Size 28" x 15" 


Construction & materials

Core 100% Talalay latex

Cover Tencel


 Country of origin 

Designed and assembled in the USA.



Free shipping and free returns within the US.  
We ship via UPS Standard in the United States from our warehouse in Lincoln, NE.




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